When people have the necessary tools and opportunity to achieve social and economic justice,
a more inclusive and equitable society is possible.


Columbia Legal Services advocates for people who face injustice and poverty. We seek to achieve
social and economic justice for all, using policy reform, litigation, and innovative
partnerships to reveal and end actions that harm the communities we serve.


  • People living in poverty have an equal right to justice regardless of who they are, where they live, or the language they speak;
  • To remove the barriers of injustice and poverty, we must seek solutions that create equitable, positive, long-term change for as many people as possible;
  • To address the diverse and critical legal needs of low-income people in our state, legal representation must be available not only for individuals, but also for communities and large groups of people in order to achieve systemic change;
  • “Access to Justice” for low-income people means that we will serve as legal counsel on their behalf and in places where decisions affecting their lives are made -- including courts, legislative and administrative bodies, and other community forums.


Every day, our legal teams work in furtherance of our mission and with a deep commitment to serve and
advocate alongside clients as we seek our vision of justice together. Our work is a reflection of
the core community values that have defined our work for justice since 1967.


Columbia Legal Services is a nonprofit, statewide civil legal aid program with five offices organized
into five statewide advocacy project teams: Basic Human Needs, Children & Youth,
Institutions, Working Families, and Economic Justice.

For many years, Columbia Legal Services has represented some of the most marginalized people in our community. We use every legal tool available on their behalf. Our role to serve people and use advocacy that might otherwise not be available makes our work an integral part of the Washington Alliance for Equal Justice. Every day, our legal teams engage in advocacy intended to make a lasting difference so that all people can be meaningful members of their communities. Through large-scale litigation, policy reform, and innovative partnerships, our lawyers and staff work in furtherance of our mission. We share a deep commitment to serve and advocate alongside our clients
as we seek justice together.