April 2014

Dan Ford, Working Families Project

At a time of celebrations and remembrances of Cesar Chavez, we celebrate the legacy of struggle and progress for farmworkers in Washington state, and the advocates who represent them.

In 1973, the Washington Supreme Court decided State v. Fox, finding that residents of farm labor camps have the right to invite others into their on-farm housing.  The case came out of trespass charges against Michael Fox, a... More

Aurora Martin, Director

This year, Columbia Legal Services looks forward to joining millions of people across the country to celebrate the legacy of Cesar Chavez and recognize Monday, March 31st as both an official holiday and a day of service in our communities.
For CLS, we honor Cesar Chavez not only for his legacy as an American Civil Rights hero, labor icon, and champion of nonviolent social change, but we are inspired by his profound vision of justice for all – one that saw how the injustice of farm worker families was an experience that transcended the valleys and vineyards of Delano, California... More