April 2015

Charlie McAteer

"When Columbia Legal Services decided to establish a social media presence, the decision was not made lightly. In fact, it was tortuous."

We've come a long way from stepping cautiously into the world of social media and our Facebook and Twitter presence and engagement has risen steadily. We're often asked by allies, especially civil legal aid orgnizations, what we've learned along the way, as they, too, consider supporting their advocacy, cases, campaigns, and fundraising through these powerful online tools.

So our communications team told our story in an article,... More

Aurora Martin

Today marks the anniversary of the day Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his last speech in which he said that he had been to the mountaintop.  He spoke of the profound need for continued struggle, the need to march ahead; that no dogs, no fire hose, no injunction would keep the nation from moving forward.

As we come to the end of another long week of battles, especially in the Legislature, we may find timeless inspiration from his speech about having been to the mountaintop. Dr. King said he would not have chosen to live at any other time but then, for he knew the level of... More