Washington Telephone Assistance Program Ending

Amy Crewdson, Basic Human Needs Project Attorney

Excerpt from a Senior Bulletin sent July 31st:

The Washington Telephone Assistance Program (WTAP) will stop providing help on August 31, 2015. WTAP was state-funded. It was a victim of budget cuts by the Washington Legislature.

WTAP serves thousands of people, including 19,500 people who are over 65.

WTAP provided discounted, basic local telephone service to eligible people. People on WTAP paid $8.00 per month + taxes for a landline.

There is a different program you should know about. It is the Lifeline Program. Lifeline provides a monthly discount of $9.25 off basic, local telephone service for eligible people. Basic, local telephone service costs between $30-$40 per month. Even with the $9.25 discount, the cost of a landline is going to double or triple.

For more information about what this means for you and what you can do, see the full senior bulletin, our flyer, or the resources available on http://www.washingtonlawhelp.org/.